To access the webinar platform (zoom), visit the link shared on your email:


Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email address and membership number and click “Register”

You will be prompted to enter passcode (which was shared on your email) and Submit

You will be logged in to the AGM Session. You will also receive joining link in your email

Note: If returning to the page after registration, only enter the email you used to register.

Presenter Video and Audio

Once the webinar begins, you will be able to view and hear the presenter and the presentation slides (if available).

Asking a Question

Kindly post your question using the “Q&A” section.

Audience Chat

Members are free to interact via the audience “chat” section.

Decision Polls

Logged in members will receive a prompt about polls and surveys that will be posted by the Host. Members are invited to participate online by selecting and submitting their preferred choices within the platform.