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November 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am - November 24, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Theme: Honing Leadership for Exponential Corporate Growth
Date: 20th– 24th November 2018
Venue: Eden Bleu Hotel- Eden Island Seychelles

1.0 Background
For 23 years now, the Institute has held The ICPAK Annual Executive Seminar, an event that targets the topmost corporate leadership in both public and private sectors of the economy. As custodian of good governance and driver of accountability in corporate leadership, the Institute found it useful to hold an annual executive leadership event that not only gives you opportunities to share your views and experience in leadership but also presents to you well researched content that will see you through in making impactful decisions at the helm of your organization. For this premier event, benchmarking is a key element in the content delivery options and we achieve this by the choice of theme and topics, speakers and the event venue. Seychelles – the event destination for 2018 Executive Seminar – is one of the world’s most beautiful islands with easy accessibility, state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern venues. Seychelles is known to be the place to be when it comes to tourism. Tourism as a sector employs about 30% of the labor force in Seychelles and provides more than 70% of hard currency earnings for the Country. The question for delegates attending this event is therefore: what lessons can we draw from Seychelles in our endeavor to spur growth of tourism sector in Kenya?
2.0 Target
Board Members, Members of Board Committees, CEOs, GM, MDs, Heads of Government Units and Parastatals, Governors of County Governments and Senators.

3.0 Theme, Topics and Synopses
Themed “Honing Leadership for Exponential Corporate Growth”, the 23rd ICPAK Annual Executive Seminar will delve on the following topics:
3.1 A Comparative analysis of the Seychelles’ economic outlook
In the 1960s, about 33% of the working population of Seychelles worked at plantations, and 20% worked in the public sector. Currently, Seychelles growth has been led by the tourist sector, which employs about 30% of the country’s labor force, compared to agriculture which today employs about 3% of the labor force. The tourism industry in Seychelles was born with the completion of the Seychelles International Airport in 1971. It then advanced rapidly through the years and now it is the mainstay of Seychelles’ economy. What lessons can we borrow from Seychelles in order to re-position a sector of our economy to the level that tourism has been elevated in Seychelles?

3.2 Increasing Personal Contribution to the Board and Senate
As a board member, a senator or a representative of a constituency in an oversight organ, you need to be well armed with the right attitude, skills and knowledge as well as sufficient energy to effectively discharge your duty. You need to fully understand and actively engage in virtually all aspects of the organ’s oversight role. Effectiveness of the board or senate will always be at par with effectiveness of each member separately and all members jointly. How do we deliberately and continually improve our contribution to the oversight organ? How do we engage in a manner that we can articulate our constituents’ issues and sway the trajectory or the organ’s decision?

3.3 Status of and opportunities in artificial intelligence development
After years of hype, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally arrived and seemingly it is here to stay. You are bound to have heard either how AI will be the end of all humanity or the solution to its biggest challenges. Whether artificial intelligence will end humanity or only transform it for better or worse is a subject of discussion, but for certain, it will come with a myriad of opportunities. What are the opportunities and what do they portend to the oversight role and development in toto.

3.4 Corporate Governance Audits and Board Evaluations
Continuing improvement and development of the Board and its committee processes and procedures is key to ensuring that its governance structure remains in line with best practices. This can be achieved through Board evaluation which provides a powerful and valuable feedback mechanism for improving Board effectiveness, maximizing strengths and highlighting areas for further development. Governance audits give the much-needed assurance and inspire confidence to all stakeholders that the organization is being steered to right direction. This session will address the challenges of corporate governance audits as well highlight some best practices world over.

3.5 Leadership and financial stewardship
Stewardship derives from the concept that we are given something (owned by someone else) to manage on their behalf and make it fruitful or profitable for the owner or expend it according to the owner’s terms to the beneficiaries the owners have designated. This is essentially what your role as a leader in the oversight role is. Financial stewardship is thus a key element of leadership in both public and private sectors and could be the crux of governance issues experienced now. A financial steward is a person who has the passion and discipline to protect the long-term interests of others. This session describes the features of a model financial steward, prescribes how one can achieve such features and links it to your goals as a board member.

3.6 Key trends in the corporate’s legal and regulatory environment
As businesses tend towards globalization, the legal and regulatory landscape within which they operate becomes increasingly complex. Executives and policy makers now grapple with ensuring compliance to both local and international laws. Additionally, the last couple of years has witnessed significant local regulatory changes such as the introduction and subsequent abolishment of the interest rate capping law in Kenya. Technology and its disruption of business operations further created need for regulation. How can organizations comply with the dynamic legal and regulatory environment?

3. 7 Business development as a partnership between management and the board
The challenges and concerns that are emerging in business development provides accessible, relevant intelligence to help entities expand thinking and hone strategies. Partnerships are now its major contribution to governance, supporting economic growth; piloting new initiatives; helping harmonize diversity within communities; assuring better co-ordination in the delivery of state services; and building effective vertical and horizontal communication channels within and across different sectors

3.8 What got you here, won’t get you there – A lesson for entrepreneurs
As an executive you must overcome your unconscious exasperating habits and attain a higher level of success in your entity. What behavior is holding you back from attaining your highest achievements? What is standing between you and the next level of achievement? What is this one small flaw–behavior you barely even recognize–the only thing that’s keeping you from where you want to be?


4.0 VISA Arrangements {VERY IMPORTANT}
Visa is not required for entry into the Republic of Seychelles regardless of the nationality of the passport holder. Seychelles is a visa-free country meaning that there are no visa requirements for any person wishing to travel to this country. However, it is to be noted that although a visa is not required prior to entering Seychelles for any nationals, they should nevertheless have in their possession:
Visit for information on visiting Seychelles.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • A valid passport or other travel documents recognized by Seychelles; The passport MUST be valid for the period of the intended stay until arrival back in holder’s country of origin / residence.
  • Valid return/onward ticket
  • A yellow Fever certificate
  • An invitation letter; you can request for this letter via email to Emma (
  • Confirmed accommodation
  • Sufficient funds to maintain yourself during your stay in the country

5.0 Your Financial Commitment (Seminar Fee Only)

Category Early Bird Registration

Booking & Payment on or before 6th November 2018

Normal Registration

Booking & Payment or LSO/LPO received by ICPAK after 6th November 2018

Kenyan based Members/ACCA Members and IFAC PAOs Ksh. 159,950 Ksh. 169,950
Non-members & Ksh. 169,950


Ksh. 179,950


International Delegates USD 1700 USD 1800
Associate Members /Accountant Trainees Ksh. 60,000 Ksh. 70,000
Accompanying Person KShs 57,950 /USD 600 KShs 57,950 /USD 600

***Accompanying person’s package covers cocktail, gala dinner and one excursion.

6.0 CPD Units
Members of ICPAK and reciprocating professional bodies will be awarded 20 CPD Units upon successfully attending all seminar sessions

7.0 Special Needs & Support for Affordable Accommodation
If you have special dietary, religious requirements, and support to get affordable accommodation please email

8.0. Dress Code
The dress code for the event is Business Casual

9.0. Excursions and organized tours/Historic Site Visits & Shopping
More details on planned site visits – including historical sites and shopping destinations – and the associated costs will be communicated in due course.

10. National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Reimbursement for Kenyan Delegates
The Institute is registered as a trainer with National Industrial Training Authority. The Institute’s registration number is DIT/TRN/47. Kenyan participants who are registered levy contributors should apply to NITA for reimbursement of their fees. Please note that this is applicable for Kenyan

11. Partnership Opportunities.
The 23rd ICPAK Executive Seminar presents a good opportunity for organizations to market and/or sell their products and services to a target group with high purchasing powers, both on personal and corporate levels. This seminar presents a unique opportunity for brand positioning and communication that will enjoy optimal visibility before potential targeted customers. Armed with significant purchasing power and decision-making authority, the audience are a key target group for businesses. Sponsorship opportunities range from cocktail, gala, media sponsorships, exhibitions and advertising. For more information or enquiries please email
Further requests can be channeled to us via telephone calls on +254 719 074100/129 or via email to or We encourage members to regularly visit our website for updates.


November 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am
November 24, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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CPD Hours
Associates Member Cost
Ksh 169,950
Full Member Cost
Ksh 169,950
Non Member Cost
Ksh 179,950
Event Type
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Full Member Discount
Non Member Discount
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Eden Bleu Hotel – Eden Island Seychelles
Tel: +248 439 9100;, Eden Island, Seychelles
+ Google Map
+248 263 7418
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