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May 21 @ 8:00 am - May 25 @ 5:00 pm

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(established under the Accountant Act, Laws of Kenya)


Theme: “Pathways to Professional Preeminence”

Venue: Sarova Whitesands Hotel and Spa & Travellers Beach Hotel & Club

Date: 21st to 25th May 2018


Accountancy as a profession plays a central role in informing investment decisions and thereby contributes to resource allocation and sustenance on civil conduct in business affairs.  In Kenya, Accountants have journeyed for over 40 years in their quest to establish and cement their roles as vanguards of public good through their diligent professional work. The Accountancy story in Kenya has two sides with the pre-independence arena largely influenced by Indian and British experiences.  The post-independence era, and the formalization period which started in 1978, is a story of courage laced with a desire to chart an independent and a strong central voice by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the affairs of the nation, the region, continent and the world.  We have reason to believe that after 40 years, we have a good account of the steward.  We have grown both in influence and prominence and we believe while challenges still abound, we are firmly on a path to professional pre-eminence. Today the profession speaks and the nation takes notice.

The Annual Seminar has a rich history perhaps rivaling that of the Institute itself, now in its 34th year. This is a flagship event that attracts the largest gathering of professional accountants and other interested professionals.


H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the Republic of Kenya has been invited to officially open the 34th Annual Seminar on Tuesday 22nd May starting at 3pm.

3.0 Topics

The following topics have been selected for the 34th Annual Seminar.

3.1  The Big 4 Agenda, Which way for the Nation.

There is renewed potency by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government in prioritization of his key promises in his second and final tour of duty. It is expected that government agencies will play a critical and synergistic role in delivering on the President’ s mandate and thereby secure his legacy.  This presentation will review the promise of the 4 big agendas, the resource rationalization required to make it a reality and the role that professional CPAs can play in helping their own country fulfil development pledges.

3.2  The East Africa Integration; The Unrealized Opportunities.

Without doubt, the combined population of the East African region presents a wide market for produce and human talent. In the recent times there have been nearly obvious schisms among East African leaders resulting in the formation of the “coalition of the willing”.  This presentation will review if the dream of a united prosperous East Africa is at risk or has in fact been deferred from the agenda.

3.3  National Values & Leadership; Getting back on Track.

The 2010 Kenyan constitution has been hailed as progressive and transformative in many regards.  Now in the 8th year of implementation, many early gains have been realized and implementation challenges have come to the fore.  Among the lofty ideals engraved in the social contract with its people, is Kenya’s intention to develop a modern society governed by national values and ethos.  This presentation will review the journey thus far in institutionalizing national values.

3.4  County Assemblies Role and Oversight Mechanisms on County Expenditure.

At the core of devolution is people participation and this is expressed on an ongoing basis by the elected members of the county assemblies. This presentation with a resource person selected from one of the best performing assemblies will seek to provide learning points and areas of engagement for professional CPAs.

3.5  Efficiency in Public Service – Lessons from Rwanda.

Epitomized as a government that really works and itself seeking to be a role model in the region, Rwanda has great lessons to offer to its neighbours.  This presentation is arranged around just what makes public service in Rwanda tick and lessons embedded in our larger and more complex Kenyan public service.

3.6  Technology & Innovation in Accountancy.

The rate of change in the modern corporate scene is moving at a pace likely to create disruption than assist in better allocation of shareholder resources. Many a corporate are playing catch up and latching on any new developments to appear modern and at par with peers. This presentation is aimed to inform participants on these recent innovations and developments and attempt a guideline on just how to pick the right technology relative to size and industry.

3.7  Amalgamation of State Entities / Parastatals; Realigning Purpose to Results.

Famously known as the Abdikadir Committee, its proposals were far reaching and intended to streamline government involvement in business while at the same time infusing modern corporate governance practices in entities where the state has a significant stake.  But then what happened after the pomp and glamour of launching the report? We will appraise ourselves of the proposals and attempt a policy proposal on this key national interest issue.

3.8  Discipline in a Profession; Challenges and Lessons from the Medical Profession.

Self-regulation is and has been the mantra of all professions, though the governments in UK, USA and even South Africa are increasingly clawing back on this role.  In Kenya, professions self-regulate while the state regulates industries and this pattern seems to work well till there is an incident and there is a huge public outcry bringing to question the efficacy of self-regulation. In this presentation, we will listen to how medical practitioners go about it, some of the cases dummied to illustrate the challenges of public expectations and professional ethos as well as seek to learn from them and make improvements on accountancy disciplinary mechanisms.

3.9  Hallmarks of Effective Kenyan CEO.

We will listen to and ask questions from one of the top CEOs in Kenya. We will see what it takes to be an effective captain of a corporate, a leader in your industry and a citizen of influence in your nation.

3.10  ICPAK @ 40 – Roundtable Discussion by Leaders of ICPAK.

On this, we will bring together the past leaders of our profession to share their experiences with us. We will hear from them their concerns during their time and map the journey that our esteemed profession has travelled over time. And not just history, in the second phase of the same roundtable discussion, we will attempt to imagine a CPA in 2050 – what will it take to maintain the pre-eminence of our profession into the foreseeable future?

3.11  Public Financial Management; The Increasing Role of CPAs.

In this part of the seminar, we will focus on matters such as the Public Wage Bill, why we must arise and speak in one voice and the Public Debt: Beyond the Controversies. In the end, we will seek to answer if the current education and training is equipping accountants fully or has the time come for a post CPA specialization especially in Public Accountancy?

3.12  Fraud & Accountancy.

The tendency to take advantage is as long as civility and this has been further exacerbated by technology that has made the threats, magnitude and the risk of fraud much higher than previously thought.  This presentation will delve into and provide insights on how the accountancy profession can avoid falling prey to fraud at the work place.

3.13  Africa’s Free Trade Area.

Billed as the largest Trade Agreement to be signed after the establishment of the World Trade Organization, the recently signed African Continent-wide trade agreement seeks to create a free trade area for markets and goods in Africa.  By 2030, Africa will have about 1.7 billion people with over 6.7 trillion USDs for consumer and business spending hence a game changer in world trade.  This forward-looking presentation will review these historic developments and what it entails for professionals.

3.14  Traits of an effective Board Chair.

A good team has a captain in which trust, loyalty and vision resides. A good board must of essence have a chair who commands the respect of his peers, understands the business and provides governance and guidance that ultimately guides to the board and the organization to accelerate to its vision.  What makes a good board chair will be the focus of this presentation.

3.15  People Management; Contemporary HR Practices for Organizational Excellence

Organizations are as good as the people in them.  This presentation focuses on making the best of the current HR resource as well as the pitfalls to avoid in future resourcing to ensure optimal output.

3.16  Integrated Reporting & Sustainability Reporting

The move to integrated and sustainable reporting continues to gather momentum with each passing day. This presentation will use case study to illustrate the need for corporates to embrace sustainability practices and to willingly disclose more qualitative information to its shareholders and stakeholders.

3.17  The Future Accountant.

With changes at a dizzying pace and with serious interlinkages which can export challenges and opportunities from one region to the other in a split of a second, what really is the future of accountancy?  Come listen to the experts on these matters that affect our profession and the days to come.

4.0  Closing Ceremony – “This Girl Will Be Great”

Africa’s first elected woman President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former President of Liberia, has concluded her tour of duty and handed over power to the next generation. Hers is a journey that will inspire the African girl child from every village. We intend to close our 34th Annual Seminar with reflections on the life and public service by this Africa’s great woman and leader.

5.0  Other Activities.

5.1  Welcome Cocktail

This is planned for the evening of 22nd May 2018 for climate setting, explaining the seminar format and other useful information to delegates. The theme is “Celebrating Professionalism” and the dress code is all white. A cocktail sponsor is being sought.

5.2  Accountants’ Gala Dinner

There will be a special gala dinner dubbed ‘The Accountants’ Dinner’ on Thursday 24th May 2018. This is an open dinner; targeting senior members in Mombasa and accompanying persons.

5.3  Seminar Delivery Methods

This year’s seminar will combine several delivery modes including Track Sessions, Case Studies, Panel Discussions and Plenary Presentations.

6.0  Event Management.

An event of this nature and magnitude has many logistics and we will endeavor to provide our delegates and visitors with timely information to ensure smooth operations and a pleasant experience.

6.1  Seminar Venues

The anchor hotel for the 34th Annual Seminar will be Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa – Mombasa, from Monday 21st May to Friday 25th May 2018.  Track sessions will be held at Travellers Beach Hotel & Club from Wednesday 23rd May 2018 in the morning.

6.2  Accommodation

The Institute has partnered with the following hotels for accommodation during the 34th Annual Seminar.  Delegates are urged to directly contact the hotels and make their accommodation reservation in good time.

Hotel Rate (KES) Contact Details
Bed and Breakfast Half – Board
Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort 9,415 pp per night) 10,000pp per night Johny Mbwana:  or

Call: +254724571273

Travellers Beach Hotel 6800 pp per night 7700 pp per night Wafula Waswa:

Call: +254701333311

Pride Inn Paradise 8,000pp per night 9,000 pp per night Edgar Gift:

Call: +254720734229

Emerald Flamingo Resort 6,000 pp per night 7,000 pp per night Sally Njenga:

Call:  +254728999791


 * Should you need any assistance kindly refer to the event coordinator on  or

6.3  Registration

Online registration is currently ongoing at  Registration on the ground will commence on Monday 21st May 2018 between 1000hrs to 1630hrs up to Tuesday 22nd May 2018 between 0900hrs to 1300hrs. Registration will be conducted at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa – Mombasa. Delegates are urged to book online for the seminar before the deadline.

 6.4  Transport

Complementary transfer from the airport (Moi International Airport) will be offered on Monday 21st May and Tuesday 22nd May 2018. Complementary transfer back to the airport (Moi International Airport) will be offered on Saturday 26th May 2018 (Schedules to be communicated). In addition, complimentary transfers from the SGR station at Miritini Mombasa will be offered on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd May 2018. Complimentary transfers back to Miritini SGR station will be offered on Saturday 26th May 2018.

 6.5  Meals

Should you have special dietary or religious requirements, or need any assistance kindly refer to the event coordinator at

6.6  CSR & Out Door Activities

CSR Activities to be conducted on Friday 25th May 2018 from 2:00pm. Delegates may be called upon to purchase/support the identified activity financially and physically (attendance). Prior registration is needed for planning purposes. Outdoor activities to be done on Friday 25th May 2018 (TBC) from 2:00pm. Delegates are advised to carry appropriate, comfortable sportswear for both land and water activities.

6.7  Certificates:

Upon full attendance and daily registration, delegates will be issued with E- Certificates of attendance as per below:

  • For Non-members e-certificates will be sent to your individual emails
  • For Members kindly follow the below procedure to download certificate of attendance:

Login to your profile:

Click My C.P.D

Search / Select the event from the list

Under ACTION, select and click “Download Certificate

8.0 Event Booking

Kindly note that booking is available either online at  or on ICPAK Live – A smart phone based application that is available from Google store. Delegates are urged to note that the bookings close on Friday 18th May, 1700 hrs.

 8.1  Target Audience

Accounting & Finance Professionals, Senior Managers and executives, Internal Auditors, Auditing Practitioners, Senior officers in the public & private sectors, economists, engineers, architects among other professionals


The charges for the upcoming 34th Annual Seminar are as provided below:

Category Early Bird Registration


Normal Registration


  Booking & Payment received by ICPAK on or before 02/05/2018 Booking & Payment or LSO/LPO received by ICPAK after 02/05/2018
Associate Members 47,950.00 52,950.00
Members 69,950.00 74,950.00
Non-Members 79,950.00 84,950.00
International Delegates 800 USD 850 USD


Members of ICPAK will earn 20 CPD points upon successful attendance.

11.0  TRAVEL INFORMATION (Very Important)

All delegates are advised to make their own preferred travel and accommodation arrangements in advance- this is at delegates own cost. For international delegates, where possible, you are advised to book flights to Moi International Airport Mombasa and if not then, to allow for connection flights from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Delegates from other nationalities are requested to check with their respective Embassy/ High Commission for travel requirements. We will however assist with letters of invitation or any other confirmations that may be needed to facilitate clearance.


The Institute is registered as a trainer with National Industrial Training Authority. The Institute’s registration number is DIT/TRN/47. Participants who are registered levy contributors should apply to NITA for reimbursement of their fees. Please note that this is applicable for Kenyan citizens only and subject to NITA regulations. Remember that to qualify you should apply to NITA for approval prior to the date of the conference. Further details can be obtained from their website (



May 21 @ 8:00 am
May 25 @ 5:00 pm
Event Category:




Public and Private Sector
CPD Hours
Associates Member Cost
Ksh 52,950
Full Member Cost
Ksh 74,950
Non Member Cost
Ksh 84,950
Event Type
Associate Member Discount
Full Member Discount
Non Member Discount
Discount Date (yyyy-mm-dd)


Sarova Whitesands Beach Hotel and Spa
Mombasa, Kenya
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