1.0 ICPAK Internship Programme
The Institute is rolling out an internship programme for its members to equip them with skills and competencies in relevant areas of the Accountancy profession. The programme aims at cultivating adaptability and creativity in accountancy in light of the dynamic professional operating environment.

The Internship programme will employ a participant (intern-supervisor) centred approach to create opportunities for both parties for professional support. This will be done in a monitored environment where the Institute’s role will be to link the parties and monitor the knowledge transfer as well as professional development.

2.0 Eligibility for Internship
To qualify as an intern, one should be:

  • A CPA graduate and registered as an ICPAK Associate or Full Member (for skills-set building)
  • Aged 35 years and below
  • Unemployed or working in a non-accounting function/performing non-accounting duties.

3.0 Eligibility for Supervisors
To qualify as a supervisor, one should:

  • Be a Full Member of ICPAK in good standing
  • Have the requisite technical skills and competencies to lead and supervise an intern at his/her place of work

4.0 Benefits to Supervisors

During the internship period, supervisors will earn 1.5 CPD Hours per month (1 Unstructured, 0.5 Structured).

5.0 Application Procedure

  1. Download the application forms at the end of this document.
  2. Fill and email them to: internship@icpak.com
  3. Upon availability of internship opportunity, both parties will be notified and paired for interview.
  4. Upon successful interviews, the internship programme will commence once official notification to the Institute has been received (this will be useful in monitoring for quality assurance purposes and awarding of CPD to the supervisor).



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