Accountants body promises to protect accountant who exposed theft at Maasai Mara University

The whistleblowers led by Spencer Sankale Ollchike, were highly praised for their bravery and choosing courage over fear to expose the theft.

In a statement issued by the institute on Monday, September 2, it noted that it was aware that previously, dire consequences have befallen employees who have attempted to whistle blow . “Government and cooperate employees who report wrong doing to their managers or to regulators have faced dismissal, harassment and other forms of retribution while others end up loosing their lives,” it said. The institution’s chairperson Rose Mwaura further noted ICPAK will immediately commence investigation on the role its members played in the misappropriation of funds at the university. 

Any member found capable will be dealt with in accordance with the institute’s disciplinary mechanism,” she said Mwaura further urged the government to put in place whistle blowers legal protection mechanism to insulate patriotic professionals who refuse to engage in fraud and malpractice. 

The accountant who had served as the acting finance officer before his demotion in August 2017, was furnished with audio and video tapes made over a period of two years. He secretly made recordings of illegal cash transactions he was allegedly instructed to make by the school’s Vice-Chancellor (VC), Professor Mary Walingo. The incriminating evidence pointed at the VC, his replacement after his demotion Anaclet Okumu and the VC’s driver Noor Abdi is now with the DCI as investigations continue. 

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