Icpak calls for strict oversight to county funds

By BRIAN KISANJI -The Standard| November 2nd 2020

Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (Icpak) has supported the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) proposal to increase revenue allocation for county governments.

The BBI report recommends increase of allocation to counties from 15 per cent to 35 per cent.

Led by Icpak national chairperson Rose Mwaura and Western branch chairman Antony Opondo, the accountants called for strict regulation and oversight to ensure that counties don’t misuse the funds.

“Icpak welcomes this proposal fully, but not without caution in its implementation. We call for entrenched oversight mechanisms to check corruption at the devolved units and enhance accountability,” said Mwaura.

The accountants also welcomed the proposal to determine how much of the allocation can be used on recurrent expenditure compared to development.

“We believe this will go a long way in ensuring that funds are used for development purposes and for benefiting the needy in our society,” said Mwaura.

Icpak said increased shareable revenue will enhance service delivery in the devolved units.

“Icpak has been on the front line since the advent of devolution to ensure that money sent down to benefit the locals goes into good use for the purpose it is intended for and we intend to be more vigilant with this increment proposal,” said Opondo.

Persons with disabilities

The institute members were speaking when they visited Precious Virginia home of severe cerebral palsy children in Matungu Sub-county, Kakamega.

Opondo urged the BBI task force to recommend that a percentage of the county funds be channeled towards supporting persons living with disabilities.

“We should make the county government take care of the vulnerable in society by ensuring it is enshrined and clearly spelled out in the coming constitutional reforms,” he said.

Icpak donated food stuff, 20 beds and bedding to more than 50 severely disabled children at the home.

“As a group we look forward to working with the less fortunate towards these noble objectives of bettering our society,” said Opondo.

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