The ICPAK Audit Software is a powerful and secure audit automation platform that can revolutionize your audit function.

Key Highlights:

  1. Support for IFRS for SMEs and ICPAK Audit Manual
  2. Online collaboration with your entire audit team
  3. Easily manage your team members’ roles and permissions while auditing
  4. Manage your client files efficiently and securely from a central online database
  5. Perform audit work remotely by signing into your profile from any computer
  6. A comprehensive user guide that can guide you through the audit software.

Register online now for a free trial at

You can purchase a license from any of the categories below

License Categories


License Type Price (Yearly) Description
1-2 Users License Ksh 7,000 You can have a max. of 2 users
3-5 User License Ksh 15,000 You can have a max. of 5 users
6-10 User License Ksh 32,500 You can have a max. of 10 users
11-15 User License Ksh 50,000 You can have a max. of 15 users

Registration Procedure

  1. Create an account at
  2. You will receive an email confirmation link in your email inbox. Click the link to confirm your email address
  3. Login to your account and request for the actual Audit Software. (You can also request a free demo software from the dashboard)
  4. Wait a few seconds for the account to be created. Click the Audit Software link generated to get started.

Please Note: Currently we are offering the software at a 100% discount for the first year of use. For the subsequent years, you will be required to pay the requisite license fees above depending on the number of system users.

Contact for more information.