1. FCPA George Mokua Convenor
2. CPA Philip Kakai Co-Convenor
3. CPA Anne Wangeci Member
4. FCPA Andrew Tanui Member
5. FCPA Robert Waruiru Member
6. FCPA Rose Bosibori Osoro Member
7. CPA Reuben Orwaru Member
8. CPA Kisoi Stephen Munyao Member
9. FCPA Reuben Kipngeno Korir Member
10. CPA Samuel Kirenge Member
11. FCPA Dr Edward Karanja Member
12. FCPA Wycliff Kibisu Member
13. CPA Evans Moturi Member
14. FCPA Thomas Mwadeghu Member
15. CPA Jimale Hussein Diriye Member
16. CPA Edwin Kamar Member


Public Finance and Taxation Workstream

1. FCPA Robert Waruiru Convenor
2. FCPA Edna D.W. Gitachu Co-Convener
3. CPA Gerald Kanyango Githuku Member
4. CPA Mokaya Caleb Karaya Member
5. CPA Christine Kahema Muthui Member
6. CPA Fred Kimotho Member
7. FCPA Erastus Kwaka Omolo Member
8. CPA Mugo Jemimah Wangari Member
9. CPA Wycliff Bichang’a Membesr
10. CPA Robert Mabeya Member
11. CPA Samuel Mwaura Member
12. CPA Maurice Oray Member

Legislative Affairs Workstream

1. FCPA Andrew Kipkoech Tanui Convenor
2. CPA Andrew Rori Member
3. CPA Ken Nyamolo Member
4. CPA John Omanwa Member
5. CPA Wanjawa Onesmus M. Member
6. CPA Dr. Solomon Thuo Ngahu Member
7. Ms. Marion Wanjiru Member
8. CPA George Guda Member
9. CPA Amos Kimutai Korir Member
10. CPA Robert Kamwara Member
11. CPA Dennis Nyamweya Member
12. CPA Ooko Dominic Otieno Member
13. CPA Jubat Ibrahim kalil Member

Terms of Reference

  • Initiate proactive thought leadership by developing and disseminating position papers on regular basis
  • Develop and publish monthly articles in the national media
  • Engage with key identified stakeholders on quarterly basis to pursue agenda for furtherance of the Institute’s mandate
  • Enhance participation in forums on governance and accountability
  • Promptly address governance and accountability issues as and when they arise
  • Continuously review and contribute to laws and bills being enacted to ensure good governance and accountability are incorporated
  • Provide input to the Kenya National Budget Preparation process and undertake its monitoring and evaluation
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