The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) is a body corporate established under the Accountants Act to develop and regulate the accountancy profession in Kenya. The Institute is governed by a Council. The Council members are either elected by the members of ICPAK or appointed by the relevant bodies as provided for under section 11 of the Accountants Act.

To facilitate the election process, the Institute By Law number 74 requires that the Council appoints an election panel. The panel is composed of four scrutineers of whom one will be appointed as the Returning Officer.

The Institute is desirous of forming the elections panel to oversee the Council elections for the year 2016 and is calling on interested members of the Institute who meet the laid down criteria and possess the necessary skills to apply.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible to serve in the elections panel, interested members must possess the following;

  1. Have been a member of the Institute for a continuous period of not less than 6 years;
  2. Be a member of the Institute in good standing;
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the election procedures;
  4. Experience in dispute resolution and arbitration;
  5. Appreciation of the Accountants Act  No 15 of 2008 and Institute by laws; and
  6. High level of integrity and conform to the requirements of Chapter 6 of the Kenyan constitution.

Roles of the Election Panel
The Returning Officer will be the head of the elections panel and will be appointed from among the four successful scrutineers.
The election panel will be charged with the following responsibilities, to

  1. Oversee the entire Council election process;
  2. Oversee the process of nominating candidates in accordance with the provisions of the Accountants Act No 15, 2008 and the  Institute by laws;
  3. Attend Council meeting for the opening of the nomination papers of the candidates ;
  4. Present to the Council details of validly nominated candidates;
  5. Vetting of the voters to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law;
  6. Approve the election materials;
  7. Ensure the integrity of the election materials including the electronic voting system;
  8. Manage the campaign period to ensure candidates abide to the laid down guidelines;
  9. Respond to queries and disputes arising from the election process;
  10. Validate the election results;
  11. Communicate the final results to the Council; and
  12. Prepare the elections report and read it at the Annual General Meeting for confirmation by members.

Interested persons who meet the above criteria are requested to deliver their sealed applications together with their detailed Curriculum vitae and 2 letters of references at the Institute Offices located Ruaraka, along Nairobi-Thika Superhighway and clearly marked to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer not later than the 11th February, 2016 for consideration. The application should be sent through

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