Please download the Gazette Notice below for your information. Following the Institutes research on Effectiveness of Audit Committees in the Public Sector and continued engagement with the National Treasury on the PFM Regulations, It is now a requirement that audit committees be established in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies, County Governments, Parliament, Independent Offices and Commissions including all public Schools among others (See esp. 4.2). At least one member of the audit committee needs to have relevant qualifications and expertise in audit, financial management, or accounting with experience in public service or devolved system of government and knowledge in risk management and is supposed to be a member of a professional body in good standing. This grants opportunities to ICPAK members in good standing.

Given that Members to the audit committees will be sourced competitively through advertisements in widely circulating newspapers, we urge members to be on the lookout for this adverts and apply accordingly.


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