Dear Delegate,

Thank you for choosing to join us for the 39th Annual Seminar from the 23rd to 27th May 2022 at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Hotel, Mombasa. We appreciate your choice to train with us and look forward to exceeding your learning expectations. Please take note of the useful information provided below as you plan to attend the training. 

Event Venue Guidelines

  1. All hotels contracted by the Institute have fully complied with MOH guidelines and issued with a COVID-19 Compliance Certificate
  2. Sitting arrangement for the training shall be as per the MOH guidelines
  3. All delegates shall be required to wear a face mask and wash hands as may be directed by the hotel staff from time to time
  4. All delegates must observe all social distancing guidelines issued by the hotel
  5. Venue allocation to delegates will be on a rolling basis starting with Whitesands Beach Hotel & Spa and will solely depend on the time the seminar fees payment or credit application is received and approved by ICPAK

Payment for the Training                                                                

You are reminded to make your payments by Friday,20th May 2022. All payment evidence should be forwarded to with a copy to for receipting by the said deadline. We will avoid receipting during registration to ensure a seamless registration process without breach of the social distancing guidelines set by the hotel.

Booking Cancellation

  1. Please send an email to in case of any booking cancellation by Friday,20th May 2022
  2. Cash refund for duly approved booking cancellation shall attract a 15% administration cost of the event amount
  3. Funds for duly approved booking cancellation may be credited to the customer’s account for use in future ICPAK events at no additional cost
  4.  No show during the event for a booked and paid-up delegate shall attract the full charge of the training fees

ICPAK Credit Application Procedure

Advance credit clearance can be obtained by following the procedure below:

  1. Book for the event. Once booked, you will receive a Proforma Invoice
  2. Select Proceed to pay and then select “Attend on Credit”.

Note: If you had already submitted your booking, visit and submit your Proforma Invoice Number to begin your credit application.

3. Enter the credit authorization number and submit

4. Upload the LPO and submit the application

5. Ensure that the credit form is signed and stamped appropriately after you finish the online application

For any inquiries regarding credit application, please email us on:

Registration Process and Program

Delegate registration will be on Monday, 23rd May 2022 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm at the venue. To facilitate the registration process, a nametag with an embedded QR code will be sent on email to all booked and cleared delegates for printing.  All registration will be electronic through use of QR Code readers hence the necessity to print and carry your nametag to the training venue. If there is a part, we can play to make your training experience better, please reach us through: or

We look forward to hosting you and fulfilling your learning objectives for the training.

Yours sincerely,

Rose Tinderet

Director – Member Value and Customer Experience

For: Chief Executive Officer

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