ICPAK has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) to advance the accountancy profession in the Country. The partnership seeks to enhance relevant skills and awareness of professional qualifications and ways to collaborate on high level policy, advocacy and research work and professional capacity building in Kenya and the East Africa region with provision for members in good standing from both accounting bodies to obtain reciprocal CPD Hours. Both partners will also share monitoring and disciplinary approach, governance model, and member engagement approaches.

ICPAK members continue to benefit from Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with other state Accountancy Professional Bodies including:

ICPAK – (The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya) EACIAS – (East African Community Institutes of Accountants) ZICA – (Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants) SAICA – (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) ICAEW –(Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)
Qualified ICPAK members    are eligible to apply for ZICA, ICAEW membership on the same basis as ICAEW with minimum qualification. Mutual recognition of profession accountancy qualification that will facilitate movement of accountant’s professionals among member states in East Africa. Qualified ZICA members are eligible to apply for ICPAK membership   subject to minimum regulatory requirements Qualified SAICA members  seeking ICPAK membership will be granted: Continuing professional development, ICPAK networking events, bi-weekly communication on new developments in the profession, bi-monthly Accountant journal Qualified ICAEW members are eligible to ICPAK Membership subject to passing the KASNEB examinations in tax and law.
ICAEW will grant credit to appropriately qualified ICPAK members or Associate members for all papers of the ICAEW’s Certificate and Professional Level examinations. Develop Accounts Profession common standards complying with IFAC standards for Quality Improvement within The East Africa Region. To avoid double subscription, members of ZICA could opt to have their accounts put on hold for the duration of leave from the country of origin. ICAEW members wishing to gain audit rights in Kenya will be required to demonstrate  Only two years practical experience in external audit  subject to supervision by a holder
ICPAK members joining the ICAEW will be eligible for an ICAEW practicing certificate on the same basis as ICAEW members having completed the requirements for membership Enlarging EAC public choice of profession accountancy thus increasing business opportunities for professional accounts Qualified ZICA members  seeking ICPAK membership will be allowed to Pay subscription to the host body at local rates ICPAK will grant credit to appropriately qualified ICAEW members for all KASNEB examinations relating to ICPAK membership, except those specified in
The ICAEW will also oversee training via its authorized training employer scheme on practical work experience to ICPAK members seeking membership. Qualifications of any accountant professional from the EACIAS will recognize by another EACIAS provided that s/he has completed a professional accountancy as per the International Education Standards.
Qualified ICPAK members seeking ZICA membership will subjected to a Continuing professional development (CPD) events and material. Existing members of EACIAS who had been registered based o foreign accountancy qualification and IN good standing in an EACIAS as at 31Dec shall be eligible for mutual recognition by the EACIAS.
Qualified ICPAK members  seeking ZICA membership will be allowed to Pay subscription to the host body at local rates EACIAS will endeavor to jointly build capacity through identifying areas of learning and understanding by joint training of resources persons of the respective s EACIAS.
Qualified ICPAK members seeking SAICA membership will be granted with: Continuing professional development, SAICA networking events, bi-weekly communication on new developments in the profession. EACIAS will work o standardizing the process and procedures followed I conducting Audit Quality Review among the member states.
Establishment of  Joint Governance Committee and  Procedures for monitoring and evaluation in accounts profession in the East Africa Region


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