The Institute is proud of all CPA aspirants and regards them as its ambassadors of professionalism, accountability, good governance and, has pledged its unreserved and unbiased support to all the members who have expressed interest to vie for various offices and wish them the very best as they battle other candidates to serve this country. In supporting its members participating in the electioneering, the Institute takes cognizance of the fact that members subscribe to different party ideologies and manifestos as a conduit through which they seek the mandate from the people and commits to remain apolitical, impartial and not aligned to any political party as to give undue influence to any member of the Institute.

Irrespective of the outcome of the forthcoming election, we wish to congratulate the members for their act of bravery in daring to partake of a process that many people fear. The Institute is confident of the professional ability of the members herein and is hopeful that they will continue to uphold ICPAK’s credo of Credibility, Professionalism and Accountability. We call upon voters to elect these among other candidates who have demonstrated integrity and commitment to accountability, rule of law, and service to the citizenry.

Click on the attachment to access CPA Aspirants vying for various seats in the the upcoming  2022 General Elections.








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